Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance 

Auto insurance is designed to help financially cover potential auto-related damages, loss or injuries. It helps protect you, your passengers, your fellow drivers, pedestrians, other people’s property and your car. It can also help protect you in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit. It’s your auto policy and your money. Shouldn’t you decide how to pay your premium? When you’re buying car insurance, you’re looking for just the right mix of price and protection. If you go with minimum coverage and find out you need more after you’ve had an accident – you’ll probably end up spending way more than you ever saved.


May pay for damage to your car, less any deductible, caused by collision with another car or object or by upset. Collision coverage provides protection for damage caused by collision or upset. Collisions include an auto hitting such things as, another vehicle, an object, a parked car.


May pay for damage to your car, less any deductible, caused by things other than collision. Comprehensive covers all direct and accidental loss to a covered auto or an auto damaged by an insured motorist, including its equipment, which is not caused by collision or upset. Other motor vehicles or trailers may also be covered. Coverage usually includes damage from, contact with a bird or animal, falling or flying objects, theft or larceny, fire, windstorm, hail, water or flood, malicious mischief or vandalism, riot or civil commotion, breakage of glass, explosion or earthquake.


Bodily Injury is an Auto coverage type, which covers the medical costs of injury you or members of your family might cause to other people in an accident, loss of income for the party you injure, as well as the costs of your legal defense if you are found responsible for injury or death and get sued. This type of Auto Insurance may also cover other people who drive your vehicle with your permission.

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